Allergy & Asthma

Asthma & Allergy Management

Our practice provides a comprehensive asthma and allergy management program for our patients. Our providers are trained in the diagnosis and management of asthma and allergies. Diagnosis is usually made a patient is exhibiting symptoms of allergies.

Pulmonary Function Testing

Pulmonary function testing is done at least annually and may be done when monitoring medication changes. The test results are interpreted by our providers to help guide the patient’s treatment. This is a non-invasive test performed in all patients age 5 or older with asthma to assess lung function and response to medication and to assess overall asthma control.

Asthma Education

We teach about environmental controls and avoidance of triggers. We also watch the patient using his/her inhaler to confirm it is being used correctly. Information about caring for the medication devices that you use is provided and reviewed at every visit. We will provide an Asthma & Food Allergy Action Plan as needed.

Maintence Visits

Patients with asthma should be seen in our office every 3-12 months depending on their severity of illness and their asthma control. Regular visits are required in order for us to evaluate your medication refills.

Helpful Resources

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Metered Dose Inhaler


Asthma & Allergy Providers

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