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Dear Parents,

We have a new system called CHADIS that helps provide your family with the best care possible. CHADIS helps you communicate securely with your doctor over the Internet before your office visit!

You can use CHADIS to:

  • Tell us about any problems or concerns you want to discuss
  • Complete your developmental milestones checklist at home
  • Give us your child’s medical history and background

You should do CHADIS before EVERY visit. You can use CHADIS if you are a parent, grandparent, caregiver or teacher. Just pick the title that identifies your relationship to the child. All answers are completely confidential and cannot be viewed by anyone except your doctor.

Instructions for New Users

  1. Go to CHADIS
  2. Click the ‘New User’ button (on the left side of the page)
  3. Enter our practice INVITATION CODE: 5412690333
  4. Enter your email address and make up a password (you will need this to login later)
  5. Enter your child’s information
  6. Select your child’s doctor and Choose the reason for your upcoming office visit (like ‘Regular Checkup’ or ‘Behavior/Emotions’)
  7. In the Take Questionnaire screen, click ‘Begin’ to start the questionnaire

Your email address, if you have one, is the best username. If you do not have email, you can still register and use CHADIS. Write your username and password down and keep it in a safe spot.

We need your help to provide your child with the best care possible!


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