Social Health

Anyone can access Care Management services. Just ask your provider for a referral.

A CCHW will work with you to

  • Provide personalized assistance in developing a health management plan.
  • Make sure that getting treatment goes smoothly
  • Help you better understand your health
  • Educate your health team about your health-related needs.

Get the exact results you want

Your Care Manager will help to ensure you obtain necessary services to maintain physical, mental, emotional development, and oral health services in a timely manner.

What Does Care Management include?

A comprehensive, on going assessment of medical, mental health, substance use disorders or dental needs plus the development and implementation of a plan to obtain or make referrals for needed services both medical and social.

Your Care Manager will help you

  • Connect to a Primacy Care Provider
  • Communicate with Doctors
  • Learn about and engage with resources available to you in the community.
  • Assist you to better manage your medical condition and set personal wellness goals.
  • Connect you to fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Provide Medication reconciliation
  • Assist with vitals and patient specific education
  • Provide informal counseling and social support
  • Asthma, ASD, ADHD, SLD assistance
  • Support for students with special educational services
  • Advocacy
  • DME supplies
  • Referral and Care Coordination
  • Transitional services
  • Home visits/Wt. checks

Who We Are

Certified Community Health Workers

A trusted member of your community here to serve as a link between healthcare, social services, and community members, increasing access to services and assisting you to improve your health management.

Certified Clinical Medical Assistants

A multi-skilled health professional focused on administering injections or medications, working with electronic health records, performing EKGs, Phlebotomy, and lab procedures, vital signs, and patient specific education.

Bay Clinic Social Health Department
Phone: 541-269-0333
Fax: 541-266-8446
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